101 Billionaires

Foto: Rob Hornstra

A Proud Stance

© claudine doury

A Scene of a Hundred Years ago

© Paolo Pellegrin

AFP – The Best Of 2012


Ashura Day

© Reza

Bella Figura

Stefan Melchior

Black.Light Project


Broken Lights

@1995 Emmanuel Ortiz.
A Bosniak soldier cries after arriving to his home village, 3 years early he had hid in the forest and watched his family and the rest of the village executed by Bosnian Serb forces.

Builder on Behalf of the Lord

© Nick Jaussi

Casualties of an Economic War

CYPRUS, Nicosia : People queue up outside a Laiki bank branch in the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, on March 28, 2013, as they wait for the bank to open after an unprecedented 12-day lockdown. Queues of dozens of people formed before the doors swung open at 12:00pm (1000 GMT) for the first time since March 16, and there were tensions as a few branches opened late, with customers banging on the doors

Child Soldiers (Liberia)

July 2003 - The insouciance of a child soldier drunk, enrolled among combatants of President Charles Taylor during the battle for Monrovia, Libera. Child soldiers were often drugged prior to facing combat by commanders, they where given drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines to make them fight and then hashish, marijuana and alcohol to calm and numb them. © Noël Quidu

Child Soldiers (Sierra Leone)

June 2000, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ali Kondo, 10-years-old, was with the RUF for two years. His Commander, known as “Killer” was beating him because he couldn’t carry an AK 47 assault rifle. The scar on his head is the result of a machete used by his commander when he cried as the other children in his unit killed his father. © Franco Pagetti

Child Soldiers (Uganda/Congo)

2004, Northern Uganda. Wearing an over-sized uniform and carrying a Kalashnikov, 12-year-old child soldier Omoding Musami patrols a dangerous stretch of the Obalanga Road. © Alixandra Fazzina

Depleted Uranium – The Silent Genocide?

© Christian Werner


© Holger Groß

dpa – Pictures of the Year 2012

1. Platz Porträts - Christian Charisius: "Schattenspiel: Altbundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt (SPD) nimmt in Hamburg an einer Zeremonie zur Umbenennung des Botanischen Gartens im Loki-Schmidt-Garten teil."  © obs/dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH


© Lana Šlezić

From War & Politics to Fashion

Christopher Morris Haute Couture, Spring, Summer, 2013, Dior

Generation of War

© Björn Kietzmann

Grozny: Nine Cities

City of strangers © Olga Kravets

Hidden Hong Kong

© Kai Löffelbein

I Put my Brain Aside When I Shoot

© Anders Petersen

In the Taurus Mountains with the Yörüks

© Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt

In the ‘Valley of the Wolves’

© gael turine

In Thy Sight

© Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann

Inside Geneva Camp


Istanbul’s energy

© harry gruyaert

Jewgeni Chaldej – War Photographer

Flaggenhissung 2. Mai 1945, Reichstag Berlin

Journey to the Center of the Earth



Nathan Bedford Forrest

Last Dance of Tarlabaşı

© Rena Effendi

Liepnitzsee: Lake – Landscape – No People

© Siebrand Rehberg

Lunik IX

© Michael Biach

New Road

© George Georgiou

Night Shift in İstanbul

© eric bouvet

No need to rush

© Vanessa Winship

Only The Trees Can Touch That History

© kathryn cook

Picturing Derry

Photographing IRA member

Privacy in Politics

© Christopher Morris

Protests in Berlin

© Yusuf Beyazit

Sea of Men

© carolyn drake


Jens Benninghofen

The Democratic Desert

Robert King

The Global Baby: Our Family, Made In India

© Katja Heinemann

The Paco Project

© Valerio Bispuri

The Photo of Passion

© Steve McCurry

The Portrait of Turkey

Nikos Economopoulos

The Sochi Project

Ballroom, Pitsunda, ABKHAZIA, 2009 © Rob Hornstra / Courtsey Flatland Gallery NL | Paris

The Story of Change

© Anthony Suau

Through the Dardenelles and Bosphorus Strait

© Davide Monteleone


© Michael. A Russ

Torgelow – Fire and Steel for Renewable Energy

© Benjamin Hiller

Ukrainian Breakthrough

© Kirill Golovchenko

Under Water

copyright by Samuel Bollendorff



Warm-Up – Horse Racing Track Hoppegarten

© Christian Kopp

We Are All Tied Together in an Intricate Web

© Ami Vitale

White Gold


Why Mister, Why? – 10 years of war in Iraq

World Heritage

copyright by Bruno Barbey

World Press Multimedia Contest



Gaza Burial © Paul Hansen, Photo of the Year, World Press Photo 2012