Through the Dardenelles and Bosphorus Strait

© Davide Monteleone

The idea of travelling through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus Strait was dazzling because it means surrendering to a complex deception of the perceptions. Therefore travelling through those straits resembles travelling on a line between reality and perceptions. In order to figure out some mysteries you need to look at special points of the world from different angles. Sometimes you need to watch it at the same level with it, sometimes at sea level and sometimes you need to watch it from sky.

There are many things to tell… Among many other starting lines is especially one to be blown for first: my idea of distance.

What actually divides two continents, the European and Asia, has been and still continues to be on balance at the appointed place of their most powerful experiences. So, you necessarily consider the straits as a metaphor. The straits determined and regulated a complex set of geographical, political and social locks during the history. The way they blend, fertilized and demolished resembles human capacity of the coexistence. That is the most amazing part, to me. This resemblance means that we should surrender to extraordinary views of mythology, antiquities and innovations.