On a total length of 364 meters photographer Kai Wiedenhöfer is going to show 36 9×3 meter tall panoramas of separation and border walls from eight different regions of the world on the backside of the famous East Side Gallery near river Spree. Since 2006 Wiedenhöfer took pictures at eight different regions: in Baghdad, between North and South Korea, on Cyprus, between the USA and Mexico, between Spain and Morocco, around the Palestine areas, in Belfast, and at the former German-German border.

Since 2008 Wiedenhöfer fought a battle to get permission from Berlin administration for his project “WALL ON WALL”. Finally, in February 2013 – and with the help of former culture senator Adrienne Göhler – lights were set to green. A first test glueing was succesful, for a short time the US-American-Mexican border was visible on Berlin Wall. From July 10th the whole series will be on display on the Westside of the Eastside Gallery, next to the Spree opening of O2 World, Mühlenstr., Berlin Friedrichshain . A preview of the project is part of the professional week of the festival and can be seen between 13th and 18th June indoors at STATION Berlin.