Photo: Kai Wiedenhöfer, January 2012, Shurja market in downtown Baghdad

Exhibition Opening  WALL ON WALL – Kai Wiedenhöfer
Wednesday  July 10, 2013,7 pm, Berlin Wall, Mühlenstraße, Berlin-Friedrichshain

WALL ON WALL is a photographic exhibition with 36 panorama pictures (each 9 x 3 m) showing walls seperating people all over the world. 1100m² of the Berlin Wall will be plastered by Wiedenhöfer’s wall photography on the Westside of the Eastside Gallery. The spectacular open-air exhibition will be on display from July 10th to September 13th at the river Spree, free of charge.

Speakers at the opening: Franz Schulz, mayor of Berlin district Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Wolfgang Lenk, member of the Commission for Culture and Education of the district’s parliament.

Come by and join Kai Wiedenhöfer,  Adrienne Göhler (project promoter and former Secretary of Culture Berlin) and us to celebrate the completion of the long struggle to get this internationally relevant photo exhibit onto the Berlin Wall.

EU Culture Programm Flag

WALL ON WALL ist part of the European festival project  “OPEN THE SHUTTERS” and its transnational exhibition “Beyond the Walls”, supported through means of the EU Culture program.