© Geert van Kesteren, Screenshot of the iApp “Why Mister, Why?” //  

Geert van Kesteren has shown an innovative and inspiring use of new technology to tell his story of war in Iraq from different angles and perspectives, also shifting his role as a photographer and classical author to a facilitator or editor, putting oridnary people’s views and images at the center of attention.

There is a lot to learn for possibilities and roles for photojournalists in the future from Geert van Kesteren. “Without knowing him, one suspects Geert van Kesteren to be the punk of photo- journalism… Instead of pushing back, he embraces new realities. (‘Le Monde2’ on ‘Baghdad Calling’) .

Geert will be giving a presentation of his work ‘Why Mister, Why?’ emphasizing on the different ways of presenting photojournalism through different media; print, editorial, books at the festival, Saturday 15th of June at 3 pm at STATION Berlin.