One of the groundbreaking examples for “Good Practice” that can be seen at this years festival is the work of dutch photographer Rob Hornstra. Thus several of his projects will be on display -  “Sotchi-Project as well as 101 Billionaires”. In an interdisciplinary workshop by Hornstra, the author Arnold van Bruggen and the designer Jeroen Kummer tshare their experiences and knowledge about long-term photojournalistic projects and how to organise, finance, and design them to tell a story in a special and creative way.

The Sochi Project is a five year long project that Rob Hornstra and the author and filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen started in 2009 and that will end in the autumn of 2014 just right before the Winter Olympics begin. The goal is to document the changes Sochi and the whole caucasian area go through during the preparation for the Olympics.

During the process of the project Hornstra and his companions produced numerous books, poster and exhibitions with different stories for diverse purposes and reasons. Each one of them is a unique work of art and worth seeing. In regard for the festivals purposes this total work of art  and ways of presenting content represent a form of photojournalism that is one of a kind. Berlin Fotofestival THE BROWSE offers – months before the final exhibitions in Antwerp and Moscow – this extraoridnary work of dutch photojournalism an international platform and you the chance to look at it.