25 masters like Christopher Morris, Ed Kashi, Steve McCurry, Paolo Pellegrin, Vanessa Winship, Antony Suau, Kathry Cook and many more share their views on contemporary Turkey. The project was commissioned by Turkish newspaper Zaman to look at Turkey from a global perspective through the eyes of internationally acclaimed photojournalists.

The stories were published in the newspaper between 2010 and 2011, accompanies by photojournalist workshops in Turkey, brought together in a book and assembled in a huge travelling exhibition. It has been shown in 10 cities in Turkey, London, Thessaloniki, Vienna and opened in the European parliament earlier this year.
Berlin Fotofestival 2013 – The Browse is bringing the exhibition to Berlin – a city which has strong ties to Turkey due to its large Turkish immigrant community, vibrant business conenctions and a city partnership between Istanbul and Berlin celebrating its 25th aniversary next year. Christopher Morris and a couple of other photographers who worked in the project will come to Berlin and share their experiences.